Even the Ocean: Balance (Animated Trailer)
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About the Game

Even the Ocean is a grand, 8+ hour adventure platformer for Mac and Windows. Aliph, a lowly power plant technician for Whiteforge City, finds her world turned upside-down after a routine maintenance trip goes awry. Now, working directly with Whiteforge's Mayor Biggs to face an unknown menace, Aliph must navigate her newfound power and influence to save the city. From Aliph's conflicting identities to environmental issues to the flow of Light and Dark Energy... everything hangs in the balance!

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Travel across vast landscapes...
Visit strange places...
... and balance Light and Dark energy to change your motion and fix the Power Plants.
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  • Even the Ocean is made by the creators of Anodyne, Joni and Sean. It is planned for release only on Windows and Mac, available via Steam and GOG.
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  • Yes, you can monetize all videos or streams related to the game.
  • Email: eventheocean@gmail.com
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  • Curious for more information? Read this detailed FAQ that I just wrote: Click Here!