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Even the Ocean (tm) is a tale of balancing energies, a game about interacting with the 2D environment to balance your energy bar which affects your movement.

You play as Aliph the repairwoman, working for Whiteforge City. Aliph's job takes her through a variety of environments with urban and natural mixes - mechanical power plants, the seaside, dense forests, etc.

Instead of health, interact with objects in the environment to modify your max running and jumping speed. Movement feels similar to combat through the microdecisions made in managing the energy bar .

Even the Ocean is a lengthy adventure where you play through linear areas such as energy power plants, requiring you to balance your energy in order to make it through, playing similarly to 2D sidescrolling games. Aliph's adventures also take her through more open environments filled with NPCs who Aliph must talk and interact with.
Even the Ocean is designed to be rewarding and memorable through thoughtful game mechanics, and a rich storyline.

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In development by Sean HTCH (code, music, biz) and Joni Kittaka(art, writing). We collaborate on game/narrative/etc design.

We last made Anodyne.

Contact us on Twitter or e-mail eventheocean@gmail.com .

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