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Even the Ocean is a game about interacting with the 2D environment to balance your energy bar which affects your movement.

Even the Ocean is about Aliph the repairwoman and her travels through her world, working for The City, seeing and meeting residents of small riverside prairie towns, tropical seasides, as well as more urban landscapes.

Move through a 2D world with semi-human-developed landscapes. Instead of health, interact with objects in the environment to modify your max running and jumping speed. Our intent is to make moving through Even the Ocean feel similar to combat through the microdecisions players make in managing their energy bar as they move through the game's areas.

Even the Ocean takes place mainly in "Nature" and "Gauntlet" areas, Gauntlet areas are linear levels with rising and falling tension in the level design, Nature areas are more nonlinear, wider-open areas populated with NPCs. By having a game mechanics core based in the energy balancing, the combination of these areas with the NPCs, aesthetics and story help provide a framework for players to interpret the game.

We're trying to keep themes related to balance in the everyday in mind while developing Even the Ocean - e.g., insecurity/confidence in one's work (and how we could fall into multiple spots there / how our position is influenced by other factors)
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In development by Sean Hogan (code, music, biz) and Jonathan Kittaka(art, writing). We collaborate on game/narrative/etc design.

We last made Anodyne.

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You can pre-pre-order the game (meaning we are still deep in development with no release date yet) if you want, for $7, by going HERE. Note that the money is basically for funding development and in the case of some disaster where we don't finish, refunds will not be issued.
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